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Mantang Cornish Rex

Quality Cornish Rex Kittens

Breeding Quality Cornish Rex

in Brisbane, Australia

since 1984.

My kittens make excellent pets, they have lovely temperaments and are:



Litter Tray Trained

Health Checked

Microchipped and

Fully vaccinated

Interstate is through

(at the purchasers expense)

Registered with QFA

orders require a non-refundable

deposit of $400 (Change of Mind)

Obie is looking for his new furrever Home

Please Contact Kate on 0412 491 049

He is an almost 4yo desexed purebred CR male. Full name is Oberon. Total lovebug to humans, poor sense of personal space (like all Cornies). Loves to come under the blankets at night during winter. He has allergies to chicken and fish and requires Royal Canin hypoallergenic bikkies or Hill Science Diet d/d bikkies.  He has recently learned to run on a cat wheel and he quite enjoys that, especially when he has the zoomies. 

He must be an indoor-only cat, with outdoor wanderings fully supervised. Catio would be fine - the indoor-only thing is about safety for him and for wildlife.

I suspect that he needs to be an only-cat also. He's used to his humans being present around the clock as we work from home. He's good with children, although is a bit mystified by the very small ones.

Happy to talk/message further if you have any questions or want to fill some gaps

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